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News from The Nail Boudoir

News from The Nail Boudoir Stow

We are off to the Professional Beauty show in London next weekend, we will be picking up the new Jessica Spring Collection Whisper!!

Looking forward to seeing which colours make it to GELeration!!

Also looking at Lets go lashes, The Ultimate Express Lashes on the go!!

Picking up our Billion Dollar Brows retail stand!! Everything you need to create your perfect brow at home.

Catching up with Artistic Colour Gloss, looking forward to seeing the spring collection. Stocking up on our Rock Hard gel system.

Checking out the New Gel system from Essie, we may be adding Essie gels to our Nail Bar List.

Let us know if you would like as to stock a particular brand or product at The Nail Boudoir Stow, we would love to hear from you.


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