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Meet Your Brushes BFF

Meet your brushes best friend forever!!

Mii’s conditioning, fragrance-free solid balm, infused with coconut oil and shea butter, dissolves makeup and keeps your brushes beautifully soft and smooth.

How to Use

Holding your brush with the head facing down, dampen hairs with lukewarm water and gently swirl over the balm until you see the foam take on colour.

Rinse the brush head thoroughly under running water until the water runs clear and bubble-free.

Tap the sides of the brush handle against your arm to remove excess water and to help the brush head return to its natural state.

Lay flat on a towel to dry completely.

Lightly rinse the balm, tip out any excess water from the case and leave the lid off to dry, ready for next use.

Top Tip from Mii

To keep brushes clean and in good condition, we recommend cleansing them every two to four weeks.

Grace is testing the product for The Nail Boudoir this morning, cleaning all our in house Mii makeup brushes!!

Comments from Grace on this new product are as follows: -

The Balm is very easy to use. You only need to swirl the brushes very lightly on top to see a result. It took me about 10 minutes to do the full set of brushes. The brushes feel very soft afterwards – my tip would be make sure you shape the brushes whilst they are wet to ensure that when they are drying flat down they shape back nicely.

Available at The Nail Boudoir Stow in store online or via our app store!!

Price £12 each

Come on girls you know your makeup brushes are so worth it!! x

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