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Phenom Has Arrived on Sale Now!

We are pleased to annonace the arrival of our Jessica Phenom retail stand, we have all 24 vivid colours in stock price £13.50 each, Finale Shine top coat also £13.50 each.

The secret of Phenom is a revolutionary flexible polymer in the vivid colour polish and a photo initiator in the Final Shine topcoat.

They react together, with exposure to natural light, to produce a tougher, chip-resistant polish with superior gel-like shine.

Prime with Jessica's custom basecoat to keep nails healthy and colour from staning nails.

The result is a fresh-from-the-salon manicure that last up to 10 days!

Jessica Phenom Express Manicure £25

Zenspa Phenom Express Pedicure £30

To book call 01451798679 or email

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