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Salt of the Earth

Salt is a simple mineral with an ancient history, a source of purity and balance used in every culture on earth. History notes that luxury salts were used to enhance the bathing experience as well as soften, exfoliate and revitalize the skin gazillions of years ago, everywhere from Greece to China.

Salt of the Earth uses pure sea salt extracted from the Great Salt Lake a remnant of one of Earths prehistoric lakes. When the healing waters of the Great Salt Lake evaporate it forms billions of salt crystals over 250 million years old, this salt has accumulated an eternity of sunlight and natural energy. Each crystal contains over 70 trace minerals and elements essential to healthy skin and moisture balance.

For centuries salts have been used to remove toxins from the body. When using these amazing salts in the Salt of the Earth products, it will revitalize the body and mind by hydrating and detoxifying, smoothing skin conditions and strengthening the immune system.

Salt of the Earth Spa Hand or Foot Treatment

(A luxurious spa treatment for the hands or feet)

Salt of the Earth Spa Hand Treatment Cabana Boy £20

Salt of the Earth Spa Foot Treatment Cabana Boy £25

A complete exfoliation, Mask, and Conditioning hand & foot treatment with heated Mitts or booties, from the Great Salt Lakes, this treatment rejuvenates skin appearance, comforts skin conditions, relieves joint & muscle ache & strengthens nails.

To finish off you’re treatment why not add a file, paint & cuticle care of choice:-

Nail Bar Menu

Jessica Polish £14

Jessica Phenom £16

Morgan Taylor £14

This Spa treatment must be booked in advance of booking and takes around 1 to 2 hours depending on the desired treatment.

To book call Janine on 01451 798679 or email:

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