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Mii Primer at The Nail Boudoir Stow!!

Mii primers bring you…….

Skincare benefits

A perfect canvas for makeup application

Even longer lasting makeup

Even bolder eyeshadow payoff

Smoothing Face Prep (Its what’s underneath that truly matters)

Apply Mii: Perfect Base Brush

About Mii:

Contains Matrixyl 3000 at 3% - a potent peptide that helps to stimulate collagen production to plump fine lines and wrinkles for long term benefits

Instantly smoothes over fine lines and pores

Helps maleup to appy flawlessly and last even longer

Fragranced with lavender extract

Clear formula – one shade suits all

Enhacing Eye Prep ( Open your eyes to a brighter day)

Apply Mii: Precise Concealer Brush

About Mii:

Restorative walnut seed oil nourishes skin

Use alone or as base for eyeshadow

Evens skin tone

When used as a base for eyeshadow, it helps the colour to last even longer and the pigment to appear even more intense

Available in two shades – Refreshed 01, Alert 02

Expert Tip – Can also be used as a base for lipsticks

Miraculous Colour Concealer ( Don’t get mad get even)

Apply Mii: Precise concealer brush for small areas, perfect base brushes for larger areas.

About Mii:

Contains chamomile and orchid extracts for a smooth texture and claming properties

Contains vitamins A, C & E

Green tone to neutralise redness

Perfect to disguise rosacea

Must always be followed with foundation

Complete Cream Concealer (Leave all your troubles behind)

Apply Mii: Precise concealer brush

About Mii:

Contains chamomile and orchid extracts for a smooth texture and claming properties

Creamy and rich yet lightweight – not heavy or drying

High level of pigment for effective coverage

Apply over foundation

Pure Wonder Concealer (Be filled with wide eye wonder and wake up to a luminously lifted look)

Appy Mii: Precise concealer brush, then pat and press into place with your ring finger

About Mii:

Contains ceramides – time releasing moisturisers

Light reflecting particles help to disquise dull, tired skin

Apricot shade neutralises grey/blue tones

Apply over or under foundation

To book a makeup lesson at The Nail Boudoir call 01451798679 or email

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