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Mii Cosmetics the Perfect Foundation

We are pleased to announce our Mii Cosmetic range has arrived in salon and we are loving it!!

This week in our blog we are focusing on the perfect foundation?

Take a look at these fabulous products, to book a foundation consultation please call 01451798679 or email

Illumination Face Base – Let there be light and see your skins natural radiance shine through with a gorgeous glow!!

Price £22.50

Apply with: Miracle Base Brush

About Mii:

  • SPF 15

  • Contains fragrant Nasturtium Flower and Cornish Samphire

  • Built in primer to smooth

  • Light reflecting particles disguise imperfections without heavy coverage

  • Colour adaptive shades

  • Oil free

Comes in, Gentle Glow 01, Fresh Glow 02, Warm Glow 03, Golden Glow 04, Deep Glow 05

Flawless Face Base – Revel and rejoice in flawlessly fresh, silk-soft skin from dawn until dusk and beyond!!

Price £19.95

Apply with: Perfect Base Brush

About Mii:

  • SPF 10

  • Contains nourishing Seaweed Extract

  • Contains Chilean tree bark, known for anti-oxidant properties

  • Matte look

  • Weightless feel

  • Buildable for a fuller coverage

  • Highly adaptable

  • Light diffusing particles perfect without heavy coverage for a natural finish

Comes in, Perfectly Fair 01, Perfectly Fresh 02, Perfectly Peachy 03, Perfectly Honey 04, Perfectly Warm 05, Perfectly Deep 06

Absolute Face Base – A true confidence keeps your secrets safe and will never blow your cover.

Price £26.50

Apply with: Perfect Base Brush

About Mii:

  • SPF 30

  • Contains Pomegranate Moisture Complex to hydrate the skin

  • Contains Gotu Kola extract to promote healthy skin and to stimulate collagen production

  • Extremely lightweight with exceptional coverage

  • Very long wearing formula

  • Naturally luminous, flattering finish for all ages

  • Buildable for maximum coverage

Comes in: Utterly Fair 00, Utterly Fresh 01, Utterly Peachy 02, Utterly Honey 03, Utterly Warm 04

Mineral Irresistible Face Base – Fall deeply in love with skin that’s beautifully energised

Price £21.00

Apply with: Perfect Mineral Brush

About Mii:

  • SPF 25

  • Contains Iron Oxides, Zinc Oxide (sun protection and healing properties) and Titanium Dioxide (sun protection)

  • Contains Amethyst and Quartz to energise the complexion

  • 100% pure mineral

  • Micronized, extra fine powder

  • Buildable formula

  • Beautifully creamy formula, transforms from powder to cream on the skin

  • Suitable for even very sensitive skin

  • Can be applied after facial treatments

  • Can be used as a finishing powder

  • Use a little at a time, sprinkle out the equivalent of a chocolate sprinkling on a cappuccino

Comes in: Precious Pearl 00, Precious Porcelain 01, Precious Cream 02, Precious Peach 03, Precious Nude 04, Precious Sand 05, Precious Honey 06, Precious Warmth 07

For more information or to book a consultation please call Janine or Grace on 01451798679

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